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Hey Y’all!
It is time for a little shameless self-promotion!
Kim and I have a Residential Property Management Company. Google Reviews has already identified us as the highest rated property management company in St. Petersburg. However, The Tampa Bay Times is doing a survey for the Best of the Bay, and we would sure like your help to tell the rest of Tampa Bay what Google Reviews already knows, that Property Management Professionals of FL, LLC is THE BEST!!
So, I am asking (Pleading… Begging…) you to follow this link,
scroll to Best Property Management and enter:
Property Management Professionals of FL, LLC
If you want to see who you are voting for, you may go to Google here and see previous reviews and while there you can even throw another 5-stars at us if you like!
Once you have voted at (in Services) you may go back daily and do it again without having to enter all of the other verifying stuff again.
Thank you in advance!
Bill and Kim

Posted by: Bill Davis on March 27, 2019
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